IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation (Viora) in Rocklin, CA

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What is IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

When you are concerned about how your face or skin appears because of sun damage, dark spots, the natural aging process, or something else, S.Aesthetics.MD can offer you a skin examination at our Rocklin, CA office to see if you would benefit from IPL (intense pulsed light) laser skin rejuvenation. IPL skin rejuvenation is a great treatment for adults with hyperpigmentation concerns on their neck and face or other concerns on their body. This treatment, using cutting-edge Viora technology, may be a noninvasive procedure, but it can be very effective and produce impressive results. Nonsurgical aesthetics and regenerative health expert Dr. Tuan Doan sends intense wavelengths of light that heat the skin cells just enough to start the natural healing process and increase the production of collagen. Over time, you should see a healthier complexion with an improved tone and fewer spots.

How Does IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation Work?

IPL laser skin rejuvenation is done inside our Rocklin, CA office in about 20 – 30 minutes. To start the process, we will wash and dry the skin to be treated before protecting your eyes with special shields. Your treatment is administered using the state-of-the-art Viora handheld device that we will pass over the skin while emitting pulses of light energy. While most patients feel some discomfort during this treatment, it's usually tolerable. You may leave your appointment and get back to your daily routine, but keep in mind, your complexion will be a little swollen and pink. This will decrease naturally in several hours and can be concealed with makeup if necessary. S.Aesthetics.MD recommends you use an ointment on the skin to decrease any irritation, anti-inflammatory medicine to help reduce swelling, and sunscreen to protect against UV rays. Over the next several days, the irregularities that rested under the skin will come to the surface and begin to flake off. It is crucial that you do not pick at the flaking skin. While you will see visible results after your first session, your complexion will attain ideal results after multiple IPL laser skin rejuvenation sessions. Dr. Doan recommends approximately 3 – 6 sessions done monthly.

A Youthful Glow and Healthy Complexion

We know that starting to notice sun spots and other skin irregularities on your skin can be a bit jarring. You may not have cared in your younger years, but these signs of aging may make you feel differently. If this is the case, we encourage you to find out more about IPL laser skin rejuvenation treatments by contacting our Rocklin, CA office and making an appointment for a skin examination with nonsurgical aesthetics and regenerative health expert Dr. Tuan Doan. With these cutting-edge treatments at S.Aesthetics.MD, we can go deep within the layers of damaged skin to help create a youthful glow and a healthy complexion.

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